“The shoppers finally visited our shelf and were actually interested in us! Until yesterday it was like we didn’t exist inside the store.”


“We manage to get listed on shelf but they have placed us somewhere that no one could understand our value! At last they understood that this should change in order to get purchased from the ones that wanted to buy us!”


“There is a great competition between
us and we change our appearance and content quite often. If we want the shoppers to buy us and take us home we always have to have the right place on shelf and within the right store! It’s a great challenge but can be a successful one if someone is concerned with us they way we deserve to be handled!”

Personal Care

In WISE we consider your trust and the information you share with us very seriously and we will never use your name or any information of our customers in any means of communication. We leave it on the Categories and the products to speak for us through you with respect for your choice.